Ownership of beachfront property in Mexico is enabled through a Mexican process called fiedecomiso where deeded property can be held in a trust, granting its beneficiaries all the privileges and flexibility of fee simple ownership.  Será utilizes First American Title to provide title insurance and every transaction is conducted through local Notarios who serve as the legal facilitators of all legitimate real estate transactions in Mexico.

Offering both full and fractional ownership opportunities, allows you to find the option that best fits your lifestyle.


Private Residence Clubs

Será offers exclusive fractional ownership through its Private Residence Clubs. The ownership structure is simple. Each private residence is divided into one tenth shares. Each share is deeded and sold and is available in one or more shares. Owning a deeded fraction of in a Será Private Residence Club provides you with the benefits of full ownership, while enabling you to pay for only a fraction of the residence. Most second home owners in Mexico don't live there year around. Será Private Residence Clubs allow you to own what you plan to use, then provides you with flexibility to use more if you have additional time to get away. More importantly, our Private Residence Clubs take away all the worry and hassles associated with owning a home in a foreign country. You simply make your reservations and arrive at your residence with everything you need ready to start your vacation.


Private Residences

Whole ownership is available to Será owners who prefer the added level of privacy and exclusivity that comes with owning your own residence in Mexico.  Of course, every Private Residence comes with all the resort-style services and amenities that make your home away from home feel comfortable, luxurious and completely worry-free.


Private Residence Exchange

Será offers the privilege of exchanging weeks of usage at one Será property with another.  This gives owners the opportunity to own in one location and enjoy vacationing in others.